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Military families learn quickly to flex holiday scheduling around their deployment status sailor or soldier.  It’s grand when the schedule coincides nicely with the actual holiday date.  Such was the case on a long-ago Thanksgiving and we were anticipating the special family time. We were living in Virginia Beach in a tiny little house withContinue reading “THANKSGIVING INTERRUPTED…REPEATEDLY”


(I am studying and beginning to work with the friendship series, but since it will be a few more weeks, I thought you might enjoy this old story from my childhood. I did share my children’s naughtiness before in “Neat as a Pin,” but I think you’ll appreciate the connection.) Daddy Jack was quiet andContinue reading “DADDY JACK”


Settling into school had not been easy for our youngest.  He didn’t care for people in general, mostly because they were imperfect.  His teacher in second grade had understood his personality and it was clear, she had made major strides in helping him to seek relationships.  Now, third grade year seemed to be his comingContinue reading “THE SURPRISE OF GIVING FREELY”